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Seylan Bank Representatives Visit SLBCJ
[13 September, 2008]

Seylan Bank Representatives Visit SLBCJDuring their visit to Japan, Seylan Bank representatives met SLBCJ’s President Mr. Jagath Ramanayake. The discussion was mainly about foreign investment guidelines which could benefit to all SLBCJ members and also advise that Seylan Bank would offer competitive interest rates for deposits in LKR, USD, EURO and JPY.

Seylan Bank CEO (Mr. Ajita Pasqual) [Left]
Seylan Bank Chief Manager (Mr. Naina Marikkar) [Right]
SLBCJ President (Mr. Jagath Ramanayake) [Center]

Mr. Ajita Pasqual (Director/General Manager/CEO) of Seylan Bank confirmed their willingness to work with SLBCJ for the mutual benefit of both parties.

  • Seylan Bank Representatives Visit SLBCJ