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Meeting with Noritake Company Limited
[07 November, 2008]

Meeting with Noritake Company LimitedPresident of SLBCJ- Mr. Jagath Ramanayake
Director of SLBCJ Nagoya- Mr. Sumith Ekanayake
SLBCJ Consultant- Mr. Yutaka Shiota

The above three executives visited Noritake Company Limited, Head Office in Nagoya on the 7th of November 2008 (Friday)

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tokyo arranged an appointment as Noritake Company Limited is an honorary consul in Nagoya.
As regards of business trades with Sri Lanka, Noritake and SL Embassy have a long-term relationship.

Meeting was held with Mr. Takakshi Iwasaki (Counselor) and Mr. Akira Mizuno (The head of Secretary)
President of SLBCJ invited Noritake to become a member at SLBCJ. He also explained the objectives and the most expected role from Noritake Company Limited to help develop friendship and business relation between Sri Lanka and Japan.

In this discussion, they expressed that other than the corporate member, we should also look into more professionally recognized figures, such as Professors of Universities and specialized people from financial sector and/or international business trade as this could strengthen the SLBCJ organization much more.