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Expression of Condolence
[25 April, 2019]

Expression of CondolencePresident, Secretary and the members of the Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan strongly condemn the terrorist attacks against Sri Lanka that has inflicted immense agony and the loss of precious lives of both Sri Lankans and foreign nationals.

We as a nation bore the brunt of terrorism first hand for over 30 years leaving many with nothing but tears. And the part 10 years saw Sri Lanka breathing the air of uninterrupted peace and prosperity. Last week's attacks come both as a shock and a grim reminder of our painful past. Never again should the people of our motherland be subjected to such acts of inhumanity.

We standby the government of Sri Lanka and our citizens during this period of great pain and challenges, and wish them every strength and courage to once again rise and nurture a society that cherishes peace and prosperity.