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Ceylon Family Co., Ltd  Since 2007

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Company Address1-12-3, Utsukushigaoka, Yokohama - 225-0002, Kanagawa, Japan
Company Telephone+81-45-532-9721, +81-45-532-9722
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Contact Person [Position]Mr. Krishantha Chandraprema


» Membership ID  :  000024
» Year Established  :  2007
» Language  :  English
» Business Type  :  Importer, Services
» Deals In  :   Black tea, Coconut food, Coconut fiber products,

I want to import products from all over the world into Japan, I want everyone to smile" "I want to connect people all over the world like my family through our products".


We have introduced tea of ​​long-established tea maker JAFFERJEE BROTHERS in Sri Lanka to Japanese companies.
We have established Ceylon Family Co., Ltd. in 2007 to respond to customers' desire to deal with small amounts among them.

Ceylon Family Co., Ltd. has a function as a Japanese branch of the long-established tea maker JAFFERJEE BROTHERS in Sri Lanka, produces PB products for Japanese customers, supplies black tea ingredients, and wholesale retail products.

(Hereinafter JB company) has been exporting high quality Ceylon tea of ​​over 17 million kilograms per year to more than 50 countries such as the UK, Russia, Japan, the Middle East countries as a leading tea maker in Sri Lanka since its founding in 1944 We are.
JB can consistently manufacture in-house from blending to processing and packaging for black tea ingredients, tea bags, can products, gifts etc. We have facilities that can respond to any customer's needs I will.